Online Photo Contest

Theme: Beauty of Bengal

Organized by : khowab-logo .com

Photo submission date: 15 Dec 2015 to 15 Mar 2016
Contest Judge: Mujibur Rahman

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Contest Prizes


first prize

$200 AUD

first prize


second prize

$150 AUD

second prize


third prize

$100 AUD

Third prize


fourth prize

$100 AUD

fourth prize


fifth prize

$100 AUD

First prize
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"Ruposhi Bangla" is an online contest by KHOWAB. The process is totally online. From submitting a photo to the judgement procedure is full online. The result will be published here. Even the certificate will be downloaded through online. View more details please Login. ...

Previous Contests

Honorable Judge Panel

Mujibur Rahman

Mujibur Rahman

Contest Judge


  Mujibur Rahman Khan


  Teacher of Photography

  And Cinematography, Since 1989


Ecole de Cinéma de Dhaka

Sponsored by

Alliance Française de Dhaka

Working Experience as a Jury for:

      Beta Movement,

Students Short Film Festival,

School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

     Samsung Photography Contest

     Photography Festival, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

     North South University Photography  Club  Photography Competition



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Upcoming Contest

Our next endeavor is to arrange a photo contest on Portrait Photography, or organize an art contest on Watercolor. Whatsoever, the contests date and resource personnel are not finalased yet. Please check the website time to time or register here to get the latest information.