Online Photo Contest LIVE

Theme: Life in a Pandemic

Organized by : khowab-logo .com

Photo submission date: 01 Jul 2021 to 31 Aug 2021
Contest Judge: Sal Khan

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The heart of the world nearly stopped in the Corona pandemic. During the last year to until now, the Corona pandemic has affected the lives of almost every living beings of the planet, does'nt matter which country they live in. Our endeavour is arranging a photo contest to narrate the harsh situation and ...

Previous Contests

Our first online contest was Beauty of Bengal, held in 2016. It was the first time in Bangladesh, everything of that contest was paperless. With the help of digital technology, from photo submission to selection, judgement to result publishing, everything we had done digitally. Some fabulous and embellished photographs were submitted to the contest, along with some novice talents. We are proud to show you some of the beauties of Bengal.


Honorable Judge Panel

Sal Khan

Sal Khan

Contest Judge

  • Creator and Chief Advisor of the contest Beauty of Bengal.
  • Studied post graduate diploma in Art History at University of Adelaide. (The University of Adelaide is a prestigious Group Eight university in Australia)
  • Studying Master in Art Curating in University of Sydney
  • Member of Art Gallery of New South Wales (Membership no 510023)
  • Studied Film and Media at Northern Sydney Institute
  • Studied Informatin Technology at Petersham College, Sydney.

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Upcoming Contest

Our next endeavor is to arrange a photo contest on Portrait Photography, or organize an art contest on Watercolor. Whatsoever, the contests date and resource personnel are not finalased yet. Please check the website time to time or register here to get the latest information.