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Importance of Image Optimization

Why do we need image optimization? what is the importance of image and video optimization? You might be think about search engine friendly images and videos. Is it possible to get an image ranked by google or bing or any other search engines?

So if you are a photographer or an artist, you want to display your valuable artwork online. But there are tons of other photos and/or arts exist online based on your theme. How can you rank your image on top of the search engines so that anybody can find it on the top of a search result of google or bing?

Here comes the secrret of image optimization. There are many website or blogs written about how can you optimize your blog for search engines. But image and video optimization are always at the second row, but it's really important !

If you are a professional photographer or artist doesn't factor. You must need the basics of how to optimize your photos and art on the internet. If you don't know the basics of image optimization your artwork wouldn't found by any one. You took a photo with immence hardwoking and you want to publish it on facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr or any other social media. May be you don't want money, just want to have a look it by everyone. So here is the importance. Everyone wants to do the same thing. Facebook, twitter or any other social media there are millions of images published every day. If you don't optimize your image only some of your friends may have look at it, but if you optimize properly your image can be seen by a lot of people which can give you a very positive impression or can give you the power to be succeded in your goal.

There is an another important thing, if you optimize your photograph or art properly, search engine rotobs can come very quickly to your image or even your blog where the image is embedded. Quickly indexing means quickly getting search rank, and quick search rank means quickly increase traffic to your website or blog, and quick increase of traffick means what you know better than me. If you are unsure about how to optimize your image or video quickly you can have a look at  How to optimize image or video quickly.


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shahin 27Jun 2015 / Reply

Good writing

shahin 27Jun 2015 / Reply

Good writing

David Richard 06Jul 2015 / Reply

Good and valuable writing.

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