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Life and Work of Picasso

When we think about Picasso, we see colors-mainly blue, his many famous paintings are done with blue. He was one of the pioneer in Cubism, Symbolism and Surrealism. He was a diversified personality exploring his area as a painter, sculpture, printmaker, stage designer etc. Picasso borned in spain in 1881, but most of his life he passed in France. His borned in a very creative family and he got his first inspiration from his family which made him artist in the long run. Picasso’s Father was a painter and he was his first teacher. He formally started learning painting at the age of eleven. Picasso got very depressed when his 7 years old sister died. After her death his family moved to Barcelona, where his father took him to fine art school. During that art school Picasso did very well and impressed everyone. Then his father and uncle decided to sent him to Madrid’s foremost art school when he was sixteen, But after enrolment Picasso attracted to other thing rather attending classes. Picasso made his first trip to paris in 1900.There he met his first Parisian friend, Max Jueob, who helped Picasso to learn language and literature. At that time they were in severe poverty. Picasso and his friend shared the apartment. Much of work was burned to keep the room warm at night. Picasso’s work are very influenced by blue, Sometime he used other color  to warm. Then his art work was categorized as “Rose period” or “Pink Period”, which were paintings of orange and pink color.

Picasso faced world war I and II but he was not very much influenced by the war, however he was having anti-war mentality and later he joined French Communist Party. During the Second World War,he remained in Paris, while the German occupied the city, Nazi didn’t like his art, so he did not exibit during this time. He was often harassed by Gestapo(secret police of Nazi). Picaso did many things, which were conflicting with general people. He had a lot of scandals during his lifetime, he joined communist party, which were viewed negatively by a minority group of general people. Pablo Picasso is recognized as the world most prolific painter. He created 13500 paintins,100,000 prints and 34,000 illustrations.

Picasso has some style of work which made him unique in the art world.

Cubism was a unique style developed by Pablo Picasso. In cubism artist form a cubic mood of his subject. It was first style of abstract art and start at the beginning of 20th century. In cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form-instead of depicting object from one viewpoint. The artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represents the subject in  a different context. So the aim of “cubism” is to develop a new way of viewing modern art.

His another form of work is surrealism ,here the artist painted illogical scenes and create a very different look. Picasso’s  famous artworks including The old Guiterist, The Three Musicians, The weeping Woman etc. One of the most prolific artwork of Picasso is Guernica. You can see all his paintings in different websites over the internet.

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